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Your vehicle is a complicated machine made of various components that work together to keep you moving. Many of the components that make up your vehicle can become worn and damaged over time. This can result in reduced performance, poor fuel economy, and failure of safety systems. Anautomobile service professional will be able to assist in maintaining your vehicle and extending your auto life. At The Hub Automotive, LLC in Memphis, TN our automotive professionals rare dedicated to ensuring you receive quality automotive service at prices you can afford.

Can't say enough good things about The Hub Automotive. These are good, honest people. I'm so glad they are here in Memphis!

Eileen Castine


Preventitive Care

- Fluid flushes, drain, and fill
- Belts
- Tune ups
- Hoses
- Timing belts

Oil Changes

Conventional and synthetic oil changes available. Includes 15 point inspection, check tire pressure, top off fluids.

Heating and Cooling

- AC system diagnostics and repair
- Coolant service
- Blend door actuators
- Thermostats

4-Wheel Alignment

State-of-the-art –wheel, 4-head computer used in all alignments.


Electrical system diagnostics and repair
- Battery and charging system diagnostics and repair
- Door lock actuators
- Window motors
- Seat motors
- Interior/exterior lights


- Mount and balance tires
- Tire rotation
- Computerized spin balance
- Tire repair (patch)

Brake Repair

- Brake pads
- Brake shoes
- Resurface rotors
- Brake hardware kits
- Brake lines and hoses
- Master cylinder
- Fluid flush
- ABS system (speed sensors diagnostic and repair

Computer Diagnostics

- Check engine lights
- Drivability concerns
- Misfires
- Poor fuel economy
- Electronic component failure

Steering / Suspension

- Shocks
- Struts
- Steering linkage
- Ball Joints
- Power Steering rack and pinions
- Control arms


- Manual and automatic transmission replacement/overhaul
- Clutch service (Manual)
- Manual/automatic transmission service
- Axle shafts
- Wheel bearings


Car Maintenance Classes

Periodic classes to assist customers in learning more about their cars, what to check, and what to ask mechanics.

Shuttle Service Within 5 mile radius

Shuttle service is free to and from the shop within a five-mile radius. If outside of that range, just call and ask to see if we can work transportation out.

Nationwide Certified Auto Repair Shop Warranty

12 month/ 12,00 mile coast-to-coast nationwide coverage on most services (speak with your automotive professional regarding exclusions).

Friday Specials

Coming Soon!

Meet Your New Neighbors

As owners of The Hub Automotive, LLC, Andrew and Jennifer Brunson are two of your newest neighbors in Cooper Young. Andrew is originally from Monroe, NC, but has been in Memphis for 12 years. Jennifer was born and raised in Memphis and only left for college and graduate school. Andrew and Jennifer have 3 children ages 16, 14, and 6. They are Midtown residents with close relatives right in Cooper-Young. Andrew was formally trained at American Motor Institute and graduated with an Automotive Technology Certificate of Completion. He has 24 years automotive experience from working in smaller shops as well as larger dealerships including Chevrolet, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Eagle, and Honda. He also has experience and training at a European Import wholesaler. Andrew maintains certification as an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Master Automobile Technician. Jennifer holds a Masters in Social Work and has worked closely with families dealing with the foster care system and the juvenile justice system.

With their diverse training and experience they decided to open The Hub Automotive, a shop that offers a different type of service than many other automotive shops. What makes us different? Unlike many other shops, Andrew started as a mechanic and became a business owner second. He has a different perspective than most. He can explain every aspect of the work performed and can break it down into explanations that make sense. We did not open The Hub to move away from the job of mechanics or social work but rather to provide a service that many need as they see it should be done. Often a trip to your standard auto repair shop is not a pleasant one. Andrew and Jennifer want to make that experience more enjoyable for everyone. We are happy to be a part of Cooper Young and hope to make your next automotive shop experience a pleasant one.

In the heart of Cooper Young.

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after hour emergencies: 901-335-4982